Jules Heckman Hughes

Creative Director

Jules Heckman Hughes
What would your last meal be?
This changes depending on where I have recently eaten and what time of the year it is. A constant, however, is sautéed spinach, samphire, asparagus or some other seasonal green vegetable with perfectly grilled fish washed down with a Grüner Veltliner or chilled Pinot. I’d definitely want a cheese board (because I shouldn’t eat it) featuring soft blue cheese with a fabulous sticky plus a taste or two of somebody else’s dark & rich chocolate pud.
What is your most memorable food experience?
Either scrumping for cherries, pears or apples as a kid with my Dad, (there were orchards on the way to the playing field where we lived in Kent), or making crab bisque on the Andaman islands from crabs that had the temerity to wander into our camping area on the beach.
What is most likely to ruin your evening when dining out?
Feeling jostled, in terms of physical space, or hurried when I am out to enjoy a leisurely meal, coupled with finding your fabulously anticipated meal arrives cold and nothing like what you were expecting.
What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?
Tibetan ‘butter tea’; think overcooked milky barley broth with a dollop of rancid butter, hospitably served around a eye-watering yak dung fuelled fire!
Who or what inspired your career in the food industry?
Travelling. I needed to work my way across some countries when my funds ran dry and found myself in kitchens and restaurants, earning money for the next leg of my journey.